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2021 Houston Half & 10k Training

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Hey Athletes,

Coach Cal here, I wanted to thank you for using the training plan and hope you had a great race day. Would love to hear your feedback and will send out some additional ways to get back to me but feel free to drop a reply below. It was nice meeting many of you in person and seeing you out on the course.

I know most of you are gearing up for Houston Marathon & Half in January, important to take an easy week this week to recover. Hardloop has five coaches ready to work individually with athletes online in a much more interactive method than this plan. If you would like to continue training with us please reach out. More information and next steps below:


Coach Cal

jennifer clare
Matt Matlage


Welcome to the 2021 Houston Half and 10k Hardloop Training T...


  • Calum Neff
  • ミクロ
  • Внимание! Рекомендовано Админом
    Внимание! Рекомендовано Админом
  • Paul T. Lane
    Paul T. Lane
  • Sasha Efremov
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