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Combining over 30 years of competitive running experience and study of the sport with over 15 years of coaching to train all levels of athletes, from beginner-to-elite, for any distance.

Knowledgeable, certified, and experienced coach.

Hard•loop (härd lo͞op, hôd lo͞op) v.

Etymology: [Africaans | Dutch]

Meaning: run.

synonyms: training; running; course; grueling; racing; resistant; not easily broken; rigid; unbreakable; unyielding; hardened; requiring a great deal of endurance or effort.

specialty: mountain, ultra, trail, track, road, cross country, coaching, training plans, workouts, marathon, races, athlete management, long runs, motivation, weekend warriors, form and efficiency, performance.

location: worldwide online and Houston, Texas area



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Online Private Coaching

- Custom Training Plans

- Consultations & Training Adjustments

- Exclusive access to the Team Hardloop Locker Room and other athlete-only content

- Includes Final Surge account

- Exclusive training talks and content

- Includes Hardloop RRCA

- Flexible schedules

- All distances

- All terrains

- All disciplines

- Worldwide


Pricing Menu:

Online Coach - $95 per month

Workout Drop-in Fee - $5/session

In-person training session and long runs, unless otherwise noted. Must have signed waiver completed. Covers support and instruction. See events for schedule.

Hardloop RRCA Club Membership

Annual Insurance - $15/year

Training Plans (sans Coach) - See Training.

USATF Course Measurement - Inquire.

Pacing Services - Inquire.

Inquire for specials, event rates, camps, elite coaching, conferences, pacing, and other rates.





Coach Calum Neff began running at the age of four years old and over the past 30+ years has trained and studied under coaches and running programs all over the world. Always an athlete that asked "why?" and constantly reading training material from a young age through to today, led to a natural progression and passion for coaching. Over the past 15+ years Neff has coached every level of athlete from elementary school, high school, collegiate, and adult, introductory-to-elite, for every distance from 100 meter to 100 mile. As a self-coached runner Neff competes world-wide at an elite level.

The international experience, personal experimentation, and understanding of multiple approaches brings a unique perspective that continues to adapt and improve each day. This allows for smart, efficient, customization, and applicable training for any athlete.

Education | Certifications | Training | Experience

  • B.S. Psychology University of Houston

  • RRCA Level 1 Distance Running Coach

  • RRCA Certified Race Director

  • USATF Level 1 Track & Field

  • USATF Basic Principles of Endurance Training

  • Athletics Canada NCCP Trained Sport Coach

  • USA Triathlon Foundations of Coaching

  • SafeSport Trained

  • C2C High Performance Mindset

  • Stryd Coaching with Power

  • First Aid CPR/AED Adult & Child

  • Youth Track & Field

  • High School Cross Country

  • High School Middle/Long Distance Track

  • Post-Collegiate & Adult

Cal Neff Running Coach





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