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Jun 1, 2024 - Oct 13, 2024

Hardloop Sugar Land 10k Training Program

  • 135Days
  • 1Step
Everyone in the program will get a badge when the program ends.


This training plan is made especially for participants of the 2024 Sugar Land Half & 10k on October 13th for a wide array of abilities. By following this training plan you agree to Hardloop’s Terms and Conditions including recognition that physical training has risks assumed by you, a healthy person cleared for physical activity by a medical professional. The training program will recommend runs, workouts, long runs, and rest days along with training information and motivation to help guide you in your own self-coaching decisions along the way to arrive healthy, fit, and faster on race day. Each run or workout listed will have levels to choose from which will be explained throughout the program. We recommend interacting with the Hardloop coaching team and your fellow training partners on the exclusive Hardloop Sugar Land Half & 10k Training Forum and @HardloopRun social media channels. For custom individualized training programs with your own private coach, please see the website. Please do not copy or share the training plan which is protected by creative copyright law.

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Sugar Land Half & 10k Training

Sugar Land Half & 10k Training

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