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Locating Satellites: Your Pre-Run Warm-up

Training with technology is great, a GPS watch used in collaboration with FinalSurge program provides an automatic running log, immediate visibility to your coach for customization of your training schedule based on what you are actually doing, adjustment of your goals, and holding you accountable to your coach and others if you share on platforms like Strava. Add-in heart rate, altimeter, cadence sensor, and all the other wearable technologies available and you have quite the analysis of each workout. But let’s think about how much time we all spend waiting for our watch to lock-on to GPS signal. On average 30 seconds to two minutes is normal even for the best of watches, that’s about two to nine hours every year of just standing around! Even if you don’t wear a watch you’re likely even more infuriated waiting for your running partner to “lock on”.

Rather than assuming the arm-in-the-air posture of waiting for your watch (we’re all good at making sure others know were not just standing in the middle of the street for nothing) this is an opportunity for an extra 2-9 hours of training for the year. Some of you may already stretch during this time, static stretching a cold muscle has actually been shown to do more damage than good.

Below are some exercises to make better use of your pre-run waiting time and will actually help prevent injuries. This warm-up can be used prior to any run but note that higher intensity interval workouts will in most cases include a longer more structured warm-up routine.

The GPS Dynamic Warm-up

Complete five repetition per leg of each exercise below, the goal is to warm-up and activate the muscle, not to fatigue it.


Feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward, drop hips down to no lower than knee height, eyes should be looking up to assist with keeping a flat back, come back up straight pushing pelvis forward.


Take a large step forward, bring your foot as high as your knee on the opposite leg, ensure alternating arm motion (just like when you run), step back also with your foot coming as high as the other knee. Note: if you have trouble stepping back you are like stepping too far out, shorten the length of the lunge. After forward lunges, do the same but stepping to the side.

Leg Extensions

Standing while holding onto a form of support (wall, car, pole, person, etc.) slowly extend each leg in a range of motions; a straight leg forward, out to the side, 45 degrees behind you, and straight back, returning your leg to center between each one.

Add-in bonus: alternate your foot/ankle position pointing the toes in, out, up, and down during the extensions.

Leg Swings and Rotation

Not just for the elite track athlete! Still standing next to a form of support, swing one leg back-and-forth while turned 90 degrees to the wall, one hand supported against the wall and the other swinging with your leg. Next, while facing the wall with both hands against the support, swing one leg side-to-side in front of you. Finally, from same position do forward and backward knee circles similar to a hurdler. Be careful not to strike anything (or anyone) during these exercises, we are trying to prevent injuries not cause them.

Bonus Calf Hops

Still waiting? Hop up and down on light feet, move them out and to the side, toes alternate pointing in and out, dance like a boxer.

There, both you and your watch should be ready to go now. Be sure to link your watch account to your FinalSurge account.

Have a good run!

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