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Hardloop Endurance’s main goals are healthy and faster runners. Coach Cal believes that, other than proper training and  recovery, the resistance band exercises are one of the best things an athlete can do to prevent injuries, be a stronger runner, and therefore get faster and enjoy running more. Each order will come with exclusive access to a set of Hardloop exercise videos (coming December 2020) to get the most of your exercise bands.Get your workout in whether you are in the gym, at home, or on the road with these Hardloop resistance bands.  Comes with four resistances: Heavy, Medium, Light, and X-Light in a Hardloop carry pouch.Mini bands are particularly useful for warming up and mobilizing pre and post workout. They add a small amount of difficulty to basic movements to help the muscles activate and strengthen.Key Benefits when following a consistent strength program include:- Ankle Strength & Mobility - Knee Strength & Mobility- Hip Strength & Mobility- Upper Body Strength & Mobility- Injury Prevention - Curing Runners Knee- Gluteus Medius Strengthening (the key to a majority of running related injuries)The way we see it is you have two purchase options: 1. Get injured and visit a physiotherapist at ~$150 per visit for 3 weeks where you’ll receive one *free* band. Or, 2. $15 here while you’re healthy. 

Hardloop Loops - Resistance Bands

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