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This option includes an initial 60-minute virtual consultation and two 30-minute follow-ups. The athlete receives a full dietary assessment, individualized, nutrition plan for their everyday training, and race day. The sports dietitian will assess the athletes current macronutrient and micronutrient intake, provide customized recommendations to enhance daily energy athletic performance. This option is ideal for runners and endurance athletes who are serious about their performance and health. Athletes that have been struggling with gut distress, frequent injury, low energy, or looking to improve their power to weight ratio may want to consider this consultation.


by Brooke Gilmore


Once booked you will receive an email to arrange your virtual session. This is currently a virtual service, with no physical product or in-person service at this time. Please choose "free shipping" or "pickup" option to avoid being charged for shipping costs.

Performance Nutrition Consult - All Inclusive (Virtual)

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